About Your Wildlife Guide:

Alan Gillanders, wildlife guide, North Queensland, Australia

Alan's a local tablelander who grew up on western Cape York Peninsula. His interest in natural history has been life long.

While earning his living as a teacher Alan led botanical, geological and birding tours for various local, interstate and international interest groups and operators.

Your guide is a member of various professional bodies including Savannah Guides, has been a national park volunteer 1994 - 2020, is active in local conservation organizations and has his skills utilized for training by government and independent bodies. In 2019 Savannah Guides recognised Alan’s special skills by awarding him the title of Senior Savannah Guide.

Alan has a wealth of amusing stories from personal experience to illustrate his points about the plants and animals his guests see. All permits and insurance are covered including a current senior first aid certificate.

Alan's years of birding and spotlighting can offer you a great wildlife experience because:

male Riflebird, Kauri pine, Rainbow Bee-eater

Along with his wife Maria, Alan is involved in local conservation efforts and would encourage you to do the same at home. Instead of tips Alan would prefer to receive donations to local wildlife and conservation efforts. He can provide envelopes and choices for this purpose if you wish.