Spot The Lot - combination Nocturnal Spotlighting plus Day Tour

Victoria's Riflebird in courtship displayYour choice - Full Day or Half Day Guiding Plus Nocturnal

On this tour we aim to see the platypus and four or five species of kangaroo.

Depending upon the season, you might see a Victoria's Riflebird in courtship display or a flock of Double-eyed Fig-Parrots munching on fig fruits.

Cranes and bustards best seen in winter. Butterflies and dragonflies abound in the summer.


Leaftail gecko This full day tour is offered with the extended nocturnal tour while the half day includes the shorter nocturnal. In winter and spring the extended nocturnal includes visits to the feed trees of gliding possums.

See brilliantly coloured and energetic male Coppery Brushtail Possums, the cryptic and slothful Green Ringtail Possums and perhaps two more of its endemic near relatives. Gliders range from the thumb sized Feathertail to the Greater Glider with a length of nearly a metre when the tail is included. Learn some of their unusual habits and biology.

When Alan shows you a camouflaged Leaf-tail Gecko you are bound to exclaim, "How did you see that!"

Spot The Lot - Full: Nocturnal Tour* & Full Day Guiding
Duration: 11 hours Two Starts: am & 1930
Price: single/couple $660  family $690
Extra adult add $80 Includes light meal
*Nocturnal tour may not be exclusive. Transport provided from Yungaburra
Spot The Lot - Half: Nocturnal Tour* & Half Day Guiding
Duration: 6 hours Two Starts: am/pm & 1930
Price: single/couple $430  family $450
Extra adult add $60  
*Nocturnal tour may not be exclusive. Transport provided from Yungaburra
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